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the home of
Wooden Nickel Photography’s
Children’s Portraits

25955 S Brandon Terr. Dr.
Claremore, OK 74019


Email us at is the home of
Wooden Nickel Photography’s
Children’s Portraits.

With over 30 years experience in all types of portrait photography, our favorite subjects of all are children. Their entirely natural manner makes for some of the most memorable portraits in a person’s life.

Whether you choose to have your child photographed in our studio (both indoor and outdoor) or at your child’s preschool, we offer a wide selection of poses and expressions, ensuring that you will find that perfect image for your family. We take all the time necessary to gain the confidence and trust in the child so that they feel comfortable in our studio.

Our hours are your hours ... because our studio is a ‘home-based’ studio, we can be available when you need us. We do offer portraits in your own home, or at local destinations. Give us a call at 918.829.9668 for details and to schedule your sitting date.

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